low-functioning mexican kid listening to reggaeton on someone else’s CD player…

kid: “Can you buy me CD player?”
me: “I come to work to make money, not spend money.”
kid: “What?”
me: “I’m not gonna buy you anything, I ain’t yo daddy.”
kid: “…You look like him, no… [giggles to himself]… IT’S REGGAETON TIME, BRO! IS IT SHUT UP TIME… OR REGGAETON TIME? NO IT’S REGGAETON TIME!!”

a few minutes later…

kid: “Is it shut up time?”
me: “What do you mean when you say that?”
kid: “Is it reggaeton time?”
me: “haha”
kid: “Is it shut the fuck up time?”
me: “no…”
kid: “Is it sex time?”
me: “Definitely not that…”
kid: “Is it shut up time? It’s shut up time.”
me: “Yeah.”
kid: “YOU SHUT UP! Yer a jerk, I know.”

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