So, now that I work on the Asperger’s/autism dorm, it’s not so much off-the-wall goofy quotables that I hear… but situations that are strange. So, maybe this is different than other entries, but it’s still kind of amusing…

We have this kid who’s obsessed with Jimi Hendrix. I like Jimi Hendrix, but sometimes the autism spectrum kids just go overboard with their infatuations. Anyway, so I think partially because of Hendrix and all that hippie crap, he’s really interested in drugs. But I don’t think he really knows much at all about drugs.

So, I’ve caught him a few times with stolen lighters trying to smoke grass… actual grass, like, from the back yard… in poorly-rolled regular paper. Nothing even resembling a joint. We would put him on consequences for it and everything, but he kept doing it. Anyway, once, the kids across the hall from him snitched that he gave them a bag of weed. So, of course we looked into it and the kid gave us the bag. It clearly wasn’t weed, but we thought it might be K2 or something weird like that.

After I smelled it and thought about it for a second, I realized that it was just the spinach we had for dinner the day before, which he probably dried out in his window.

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