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Yoshi & Birdo

This could be the magnum opus. A kid was trying to hide the fact that he had a note from a girl at school, but he wasn’t very sly about it. It turned out not to be a note from a girl, but more of a to-do list. He’s one of our youngest clients. Front: […]

Special Edition’s first video entry…

So, one of the kids found this CD that was left behind by a kid that had left the dorm already, and it contained a video that must have been made at the school. He was watching it on the PS3 when I walked by and immediately decided that it was of utmost importance that […]

A kid said he wanted this as a tattoo…

Jar-Jar Beavis

It appears to be unfinished, but this kid left his notebook out for lucky onlookers to read his story: Chapter 2 appears to still be in the works.

Culture projects at the school

Martin Luther Wingdings, Jr.


The word bubble says “We going to eat tonight!” The name on the left says “Bambe.” And was scribbled out once.

King Acrisios

Underlined text: “King Acrisios of Argos was a hard, selfish man. He hated his brother, Proitos, who later drove him from his kingdom, and he cared nothing for his daughter, Danae.” Instructions: “Circle two words in the first paragraph that describe Acrisios. Then, come up with another adjective, not in this paragraph, but based on […]